The Pullman – a state limousine for the highest of standards

This state limousine is fascinating for its elegant combination of necessary tradition and pioneering innovations. The distinguished size, timeless elegance and all-round highest protection of Mercedes-Benz are the hallmarks of this impressive vehicle.

  • A worthy appearance: The Pullman is longer than the S-Class long-wheelbase version by 1.15 metres and it epitomises historic greatness. The raised roof, allowing the vehicle to be entered in comfort, and the particularly long wheelbase perfect its stately appearance.
  • Special security: The greatest possible protection is not a luxury but a fundamental part of this state limousine. It meets the requirements of the highest protection level, namely VR6/VR7. The principle of integral protection ex factory has been perfected in this vehicle.
  • Exclusive interior: Classy wood finishes and high-quality leather, outstanding craftsmanship and state-of-the-art communications and entertainment systems all go to create the highest level of comfort.
  • Mobile conference room: The rear of the vehicle with its vis-à-vis seats is generously sized and can be separated from the first row using an optoelectronic partition – for a dignified ambience and discreet discussions.

VR = Vehicle Resistance

BRV = Bullet Resistant Vehicle (Directive for the testing and certification of bulletproof vehicles)

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