G-Guard – Your shelter for anywhere you go

Safety first

No other automotive manufacturer invests so much research as Mercedes-Benz when it comes to innovative safety technologies targeting the daily hazards of road traffic. We also provide outstanding protection against specific risks thanks to Mercedes-Benz G-Guard. Our special-protection vehicles combine the human desire for mobility and for safety in a unique way, namely, directly ex factory.

  • Integral protection: Beginning with the bodyshell, in much the same way as a standard production saloon, a new, original vehicle, designed to your personal safety needs, is created from scratch.

    Additional comprehensive protection: The all-round armoured G-Class is certified to the highest ballistic protection levels, B6 and B7, offering protection against handguns and long guns as well as against blasts up to a defined intensity.

    Standard features for protection: an explosion-protected fuel tank (standard-fit for B7 ballistic protection level vehicles), a special communication and alarm system, tyres with a pressure monitoring system and run-flat system, emergency starting system (standard-fit for B7 ballistic protection level vehicles, optional for B6 ballistic protection level vehicles), modified suspension with reinforced axles and an adapted braking system.

    Comfort as standard: in the interior, individual rear seats with ventilation, seat heating and an electrically adjustable multicontour design (in the B7 ballistic protection level vehicles) come as standard, as does the microfibre roof lining.

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