Variants & flexibilityIndividual:thanks to variant diversity

Loads of possibilities.

The Sprinter is open for anything that makes your daily work easier. The standard cab, with its optional 2-seat co-driver bench seat provides room for up to 3 persons, while the crewcab accommodates as many as 7 persons. On its robust 4.3 to 9.2 m2 load surface as many as 5 Euro-pallets can be transported with ease. And in order to make loading and unloading as simple as transport itself, the platform dropsides can be fully folded down on three sides.

With 3 wheelbases, 2 cab variants, 4 different platform lengths and 2 different platform lengths, the Sprinter is your perfect transport solution. Both the Sprinter chassis cab with standard frame and the low-frame chassis[1] are suitable for the implementation of your superstructure requirements. Three wheelbases and a payload of more than 3000 kg (incl. superstructure) in conjunction with the 5500 kg weight variant create a solid base with which to tackle the most varied requirements within the industries.

The following features make the Sprinter Pickup so flexible:

  • Cab / crewcab for 3 or 7 persons, respectively
  • 4.3 to 9.2 m2 loading area
  • 3 wheelbases: 3250 mm, 3665 mm and 4325 mm
  • 5 weight variants: 3190 kg, 3500 kg, 4600 kg, 5000 kg and 5500 kg
  • Fully folding platform dropsides on 3 sides
  • Up to 3500 kg towing capacity



Product advantages