Marco Polo ACTIVITY | Mercedes-Benz camper vans

The Marco Polo ACTIVITY. Individual traveller.

Make your move.

First leisure. Then pleasure.

The variable and economical camper van.

Daily life off, leisure time on! The Marco Polo ACTIVITY is the variable and economical camper van for families and those who like spontaneous leisure activities. It impresses both in everyday use as well as on holidays thanks to its extensive standard equipment and many optional details which further increase safety, driving comfort and driving pleasure.

AIRMATIC – first-class ride comfort assured.


The air suspension automatically adapts to the current driving situation and the condition of the road, ensuring maximum driving comfort in every situation.


Whether you're on the motorway or a rutted track: the AIRMATIC air suspension adjusts the suspension to suit the ground under your wheels. Damping can be regulated automatically for each individual wheel.


Thanks to the integrated automatic level control, the vehicle level remains constant even when heavily loaded. This also contributes to increased handling safety and driving comfort.

Makes adventures even more stylish.  

The ArtVenture special model series.

Take the liberty to enjoy adventures in the new ArtVenture special model. You'll enjoy a very individual level of style thanks to a choice of 3 decor variants on the vehicle sides, all of which come in luxurious matt black with aquamarine accents. Equally in aquamarine are the bellows. What's more, the pop-up roof on the ArtVenture special model features a large front window. Plus there are a number of other design and comfort features on-board, such as the EASY-PACK tailgate. Be it in the Marco Polo, the Marco Polo HORIZON or the Marco Polo ACTIVITY, with this special model, your very individual outfit will always be on the road with you.

Metallic paint finishes

The special model is available in graphite grey metallic, selenite grey metallic, and rock crystal white metallic.  

Coloured bellows  

The bellows match the decals in aquamarine.  

Luxurious decals  

For the sides of the vehicle, there is a choice of three different decor variants available, all of which come in matt black with aquamarine accents.

Large front window in the pop-up roof

The large front window allows plenty of fresh air to circulate under the pop-up roof.  

Further design and comfort equipment, optional

The electrically opening EASY-PACK tailgate and the ambient lighting on the lower edge of the kitchenette are some of the equipment highlights in the special model.  

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