Transition phase I Mercedes-Benz
Mercedes-Benz transition phase to WLTP

Transition phase.

Different conversion dates EU-wide.

The transition phase from NEDC to WLTP.

One thing is certain: by the end of 2020, all 28 EU countries must have converted to the new WLTP certification. However the schedule for communicating the consumption and emission values and amending the vehicle tax calculation is not uniform within the EU.

NEDC values remain provisionally.

Differences between NEDC and NEDC calculated from WLTP.

As well as the WLTP values, until the end of 2020 the NEDC values must still be determined for all vehicles. These values can also be found in the vehicle documents. That's why in future, after WLTP certification, with a process prescribed by lawmakers, the NEDC value will be calculated. Here the framework conditions set out in WLTP still apply.

The calculated NEDC values are the basis for the determination of the CO2 emissions of the vehicle fleet of a manufacturer. As these values were originally defined on the basis of NEDC certification.

Different dates, other limits.

Vehicle classes M1 and N1 – the differences

The WLTP certification differs both in terms of limit values and in the introduction dates between vehicles with passenger car registration (M1) and those with commercial vehicle registration (N1): vehicles with commercial vehicle registration N1 groups II and III and class N2 will be converted from the NEDC to the WLTP certification one year later than vehicles with passenger car approval. This means: WLTP is valid for new type-approval certificates with commercial vehicle registration N1 groups II and III as well as class N2 from 01.09.2018, and from 01.09.2019 in the case of newly approved vehicles.

Vehicles with a reference mass of more than 2840 kg, as can be the case with the Sprinter, are the exception. WLTP does not apply to these vehicles. They continue to be certified on the engine test stand in accordance with the emissions standard Euro VI. With reference masses between 2380 kg and 2840 kg there is a right to choose between WLTP certification on the roller test stand or certification on the engine test stand.