Convenience and safety: the Digital Service Report.
Digital Service Report

Convenience and safety: the Digital Service Report.

Digital Service Report.

Your service data available on demand.

The Digital Service Report1 replaces your maintenance book and gives your Mercedes-Benz Service Partner safe and accurate documentation on all servicing work that has been carried out.

The Digital Service Report is stored safely in the central Mercedes-Benz database for the whole of your van's service life; and its entire servicing history can be printed out for you if so desired.

More security in case of loss

Should your Digital Service Report ever be mislaid we can always look up the servicing data on your Mercedes-Benz vehicle online and give you information about it.

More convenience abroad or when changing workshops

We can also access the service data for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle abroad. Allowing you to receive fast and professional assistance wherever you may be. What's more, you can rest assured that your Digital Service Report will be maintained without any gaps, after a stay abroad or when you change to a different workshop.

More value stability thanks to protection against forgery

The Digital Service Report records your mileage so that it cannot be forged, as well as the scope of all servicing carried out. This can increase the resale value of your Mercedes-Benz van. And if you're buying a used vehicle, you have greater security where the servicing history information is concerned.


Has been available for vans since October 2012.