Digital vehicle documentation
Digital vehicle documentation

At a glance: the digital vehicle documentation.

The digital vehicle documentation for your van.

The vehicle check helps you to remain on the road in the green area in your Mercedes-Benz van in terms of availability and road safety. Simply bring your car to your Mercedes-Benz authorized workshop for a free check and have its technical condition checked.

The check offers a quick overview of the necessary or recommended maintenance and repair works. After the inspection you receive the result of the check via mail, documented with photos or videos. This allows you to see, at a glance, which service work is necessary and recommended. All recommended repairs already include a cost estimate. You therefore have full cost transparency in terms of the work at hand.

Your benefits: as soon as you have checked your individual repair or maintenance offer, you can simply and time-efficiently approve the respective work via mail. You do not have to make a special trip to the workshop. Your Mercedes-Benz van is repaired as quickly as possible and will be available to you again soon. For every vehicle the current status is determined via digital vehicle documentation.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • More time for important tasks
  • Individual offer with overview of costs
  • More transparency and understanding of recommendations for repairs
  • Convenient processing thanks to the possibility of confirming repair orders digitally
  • Best possible availability of vehicles
  • Predictive planning of maintenance work