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Spaciousness, comfort and safety: the Sprinter Tourer.

Trendsetting, efficient, reliable.

Trendsetting, efficient, reliable.

The Sprinter Tourer with 3 vehicle lengths, 2 roof heights and up to 3 seat rows offers an impressively versatile range of vehicles. The luxury bench seats available allow your passengers to individually adjust the angle of the backrest and position of the luxury head restraints – real added comfort. Drivers benefit from intelligent control and display systems as well as from modular stowage compartment concepts, which, like the selection of multimedia and assistance systems, can be individually adjusted to the vehicle's specific use.


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  2. Networking
  3. Industry solutions
  4. Safety
  5. Economy
Convincing all-round.

The new Sprinter Tourer is a true visual highlight: its design follows the modern Mercedes-Benz design concept of Sensual Purity. The cockpit has also been redesigned and convinces equally with high-quality design and exceptional functionality. For example, with an intelligent, modular stowage compartment concept and KEYLESS START.

The optional high-performance roof-mounted air conditioning treats your passengers to a pleasant temperature. In the fully enclosed passenger compartment there is a stowage compartment for smartphones with USB charging function available for every seat row upon request.

Depending on the operational profile and desired handling characteristics, you can order your Sprinter Tourer with front-wheel, rear-wheel or all-wheel drive. Gearshifting is either manual via a 6-speed manual gearbox or automatic with the 7G-TRONIC PLUS transmission system.  

Your mobility 4.0.

In order to make work as economical and pleasant as possible, various radios, multimedia systems and connectivity solutions are available for the Sprinter upon request. Depending on requirements, the offer ranges from the smartphone holder to the radio with Bluetooth® interface and hands-free function, as well as the multimedia system with high-resolution touchscreen, fast hard-disk navigation with 3D map display and smartphone integration. Operation is just the way you want it: simple. The multimedia systems for example, can be operated via the high-resolution touchscreen or Touch Control button on the multifunction steering wheel. All operating and display units are easy to reach and read.
As the modern working world is full of digital solutions, we have equipped the Sprinter with an integral communications module, which forms the technical basis for a continuous internet connection within the vehicle. This allows the use of current and future Mercedes PRO services. Their benefits range from minimised downtimes to predictive Maintenance Management and a Digital Driver's Log, making a jumble of paper a thing of the past.

Precisely aligned to its use.

The Sprinter Tourer makes many things possible: 3 vehicle lengths, 2 roof heights and up to 3 rows of seats form the basis for an impressive variety of versions. This allows you to configure anything ranging from particularly robust vehicles (for example for work on construction sites) to luxuriously equipped VIP shuttles – just as you need it for your task. All 2 and 3-seater benches are available as luxury bench seats with adjustable backrests and luxury headrests for excellent passenger comfort. This way, up to 8 passengers plus driver feel comfortable in the Sprinter Tourer.

If necessary, a trailer load of up to 3500 kg can be towed to carry luggage, materials or tools and implements. With a choice of over 600 items of optional equipment, including special fleet and chassis solutions, the Sprinter Tourer can be adapted even more precisely to your needs.

Exemplary level in safety equipment.

The Sprinter is designed for safety throughout. The solid basis for this is formed by its bodyshell, which is particularly stable thanks to its construction and the material composition.
Add to this several assistance systems. After all, even the most experienced driver can get into situations in which support can be welcome and helpful. The offer ranges from Crosswind Assist as standard to Active Brake Assist and Lane Keeping Assist – both are standard for vehicles with more than 3500 kg permissible GVW. 3 camera solutions, from the reversing camera with display in interior rear-view mirror to the 360° camera, improve the already good overview from the driver's seat upon request. In the dark, the optionally available LED High Performance headlamps illuminate the roadway far and bright.
In case of an emergency, standard airbags help to protect the driver in a collision. 5 further airbags are available for driver and co-driver upon request.

Economical in every relationship.

In the Sprinter you are choosing a vehicle that has impressively proven its economy for more than 20 years. The new Sprinter Tourer continues this success story with its legendary quality and reliability. You benefit from its economy right from the outset: thanks to the numerous configuration options, you can order exactly what you really need.

Because we like to make good things even better, we have continued to optimise the consumption of our diesel engines and we have made its generous spaciousness even more utilisable. The Sprinter Tourer thus combines efficient fuel consumption and intelligent functionality into an all-round economical mobility solution.

New: 4x4 all-wheel drive with torque on demand

Improves traction and lateral stability when you need it: the variable all-wheel drive system distributes drive force to the front and rear axles as required. In doing this, the system adapts fully automatically to the driving conditions within milliseconds.

Makes hard work easier.

Sprinter Tourer