Reversing camera

Reliable support for parking and manoeuvring.

The reversing camera helps the driver to reverse, park and manoeuvre: the camera mounted above the rear-end doors transmits pictures from the immediate area behind the vehicle to the front into the cockpit to the touchscreen of the multimedia system.

The camera is automatically activated upon engaging reverse gear. It switches off as soon as the manoeuvring process is completed. Alternatively, the transmission can be manually turned on and off with a switch on the control bar of the multimedia system. Thanks to the image information, the superimposed dynamic guide lines and the zoom function, which is available in conjunction with a trailer coupling, the driver's view and the road safety behind the vehicle can be significantly improved. This particularly applies when negotiating very narrow roads, when manoeuvring or when coupling and decoupling a trailer. The use of the reversing camera can help to avoid personal injury and vehicle body damage when reversing and manoeuvring.