Hassle-free parking and manoeuvring.

All-round overview and obstacle warning.

The Parking Package with 360° camera can relieve the driver with an all-round view and Parking Assist as well as when parking and manoeuvring. The 360-degree camera makes the area immediately surrounding the vehicle visible, both from a bird's-eye view and below the window line. It thereby helps to identify any obstacles when parking or manoeuvring. Furthermore, at speeds of up to 10 km/h, Parking Assist visually and audibly warns of obstacles in front of the vehicle and behind, and thus helps prevents damage when parking and manoeuvring. Additional support when driving away is provided by the Drive Away Assist, which automatically reduces the speed if the system detects obstacles in the direction of travel before moving off. This allows rear-end collisions due to the selection of a wrong gear or the mixing up of the accelerator and brake pedal to be prevented.

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