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More possibilities: the Vito Tourer for private purposes.

As versatile as your trips.

The Vito. Runs on ambition.

Always ready for action? Unable to resist new challenges? Committed to your job? Then you and the Vito Tourer go perfectly together. Because the Vito drives you forward – on the road and on the bottom line. As exemplary when it comes to profitability and quality as it is in terms of flexibility and safety. After all, it is the specialist for professional passenger transport – from a true commercial-vehicle specialist.

Innovative assistance and safety systems help ensure that you reach your destinations even more safely. Rear-wheel or all-wheel drive, Vito Tourer BASE, PRO or SELECT: simply choose the vehicle that suits your plans.

Plus an extensive network of Mercedes-Benz partners offering a wide range of services will ensure that your Vito Tourer remains as solidly reliably as ever. Make your Mercedes-Benz Service the first port of call when it comes to maintenance and repairs. The people who know your vehicle best. So the Vito Tourer will remain your invaluable partner for a long time to come.

Mercedes-Benz vans. Born to run.


  1. Flexibility
  2. Safety
  3. Comfort
  4. Economy
  5. Quality
Giving you more options.

Wherever your destination: the Vito Tourer supports your successful arrival. Because the 3 models – BASE, PRO and SELECT – can be adapted precisely to meet your needs and those of your passengers. If you need an exceptionally comfortable vehicle for tours or as a hotel shuttle, the Vito Tourer SELECT with 2 adjustable 3-seater bench seats is the best choice. Perhaps you'd like to treat your passengers to plenty of light and air by ordering the optional panoramic sliding sunroof. Searching for an exceptionally versatile taxi or club vehicle? Then look no further than the Vito Tourer PRO. If you want to get your team somewhere, the functional Vito Tourer BASE will be happy to oblige.

You can equip the passenger compartment with 2 or, in the case of the extra-long version, even 3 seat rows comprising 2- and 3-seater bench seats, depending on the vehicle length. To get the maximum 9 seats, select either 3 seat rows in the passenger compartment (2-2-3 seating) or opt for the co-driver's bench seat at the front and two 3-seater bench seats in the rear. And the best of it all is that you can benefit from the versatility of the Vito Tourer even on private tours.

Safe on all trips.

Everyone benefits from the exemplary safety and assistance systems in the Vito: you, your passengers and even other road users. Such as the standard-fit Crosswind Assist and ATTENTION ASSIST, the latest generation of the ADAPTIVE ESP® Electronic Stability Program and protection from up to 6 airbags1. And the QR-code rescue sticker on the B-pillar enables rescue services to scan the vehicle-specific rescue card directly.

The optional COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST, which continually monitors the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front even outside of cities, and can warn you visually and audibly of a potential collision is a highlight. A reversing camera and the PRE-SAFE® anticipatory occupant protection system are available as optional extras. And should you wish to further extend your Vito Tourer's safety equipment2, you are sure to find what you are looking for in the list of further safety equipment. They all have one thing in common: they support you in reaching your destinations more safely.

It's fascinating how comfortable a place of work can be.

Lets talk about the pleasant aspects of your job: the Vito Tourer will send you to work in high spirits thanks to its spacious interior. The seats make a good impression with their durable fabric covering, and you'll be seated comfortably on their ergonomic upholstery during long journeys. In colder times of year the option heated seats for the driver and co-driver are a valuable bonus. The optional co-driver's bench seat gives you space for two passengers up front.

Drive to your jobs with ease thanks to electromechanical power steering and the cruise control, multifunction steering wheel with adjustable steering column and trip computer options. The optional air conditioning or automatic climate control helps you stay cool.

The optionally available audio systems keep you well connected and entertained on the road, while the Audio 40 and Becker® MAP PILOT3 navigation systems also make sure you get to your destination quicker. To further enhance the appearance of the Vito Tourer, you can order the optional Interior Chrome package4. Every business needs order and tidiness, so we have equipped the Vito Tourer with numerous practical stowage compartments.

Go further thanks to high reliability.

Those who use resources sparingly are welcome partners in any company. That's why the Vito Tourer has all it takes to make your company more successful through its profitability. The hallmark Mercedes-Benz reliability and longevity are exemplary. They ensure that your Vito Tourer is there for you when you need it. Another factor behind this is the long service interval of up to 40,000 km. Outstanding product quality is generally the best way to minimise maintenance and repair costs. To ensure that the Vito Tourer still looks as fit as it is on the outside as it is on the inside, we have also given it outstanding corrosion protection, including a fully galvanised body.

Ready when you are.

We want you to quickly appreciate your Vito as a partner. That's why we do all we can to ensure you have a long and reliable relationship. On delivery you will receive a well-proven vehicle featuring Mercedes-Benz quality, that has successfully completed 5.5 million test kilometres as well as comprehensive trials. The Vito is designed to cope with the tough demands placed on a commercially used vehicle. And its comprehensive corrosion protection with fully galvanised body ensures that, even after many years, it still cuts a great figure as a calling card for your company.

This much is certain: with the Vito, you are opting for a vehicle you can count on. Thanks to its outstanding reliability, it will assist you wherever your work takes you. Because for us "Mercedes-Benz Vans. Born to run." is not just a motto; it is a promise.


Driver's and co-driver's airbags are part of the standard equipment on all Vito Tourer models. In addition, thorax/pelvis sidebags and windowbags in the front or windowbags in the front and rear are available as an option.


See standard and optional safety equipment or visit


Becker® MAP PILOT navigation system only available in conjunction with Audio 15.


The Chrome Package Interior is part of the host of equipment and appointments available for the Vito Tourer SELECT.

Always ready to help.



Vito Tourer, Lane Keeping Assist

Lane Keeping Assist

Vito Tourer, Blind Spot Assist

Blind Spot Assist

Vito Tourer, PRE-SAFE® system

PRE-SAFE® system

Vito Tourer, Active Parking Assist

Active Parking Assist

Vito Tourer, automatic driving lights

Automatic driving lights

As versatile as your trips.

Anyone can get there. Your standard is to go further. For the Vito Tourer there is therefore a choice of 3 high-torque engines and also rear-wheel and all-wheel drive types. Depending on what your plan is and where you use the vehicle: choose your vehicle with the drive system that fits your usage profile and desired driving style.

On the road, the optional 7G-TRONIC PLUS 7-speed automatic transmission keeps the ride comfort high and fuel consumption low. Even the standard-fit 6-speed manual transmission puts in an impressive performance with a skilful balance of agility and efficiency. Regardless of which drive system variant you choose: with the standard-fit electromechanical power steering, comfortable chassis and suspension set-up and independent suspension in the Vito Tourer, you enjoy efficiency, smooth running characteristics and ride comfort equivalent to those in a passenger car.