Vito Tourer Active Parking Assist

Parking made easy.

Helps with searching for a parking space and the parking process.

Active Parking Assist helps the driver when searching for a parking place and when entering or leaving a parking space. At speeds up to 30 km/h it looks for suitable parking spaces and steers the vehicle automatically into parking spaces parallel and at right angles to the street. It also helps to exit from parking spaces parallel to the road. The integrated PARKTRONIC system visually and audibly warns of obstacles in front of the vehicle and behind, and can thus help to avoid damage when parking and manoeuvring.

If the driver engages reverse and confirms the parking prompt, the steering process is carried out automatically: all the driver has to do is press the accelerator and brake pedal and engage gears. In conjunction with automatic transmission the Active Parking Assist also takes care of braking. The parking procedure is completed in a maximum of 7 moves. The driver can intervene at any time and correct or stop the parking manoeuvre.